As the war for your data grows, as the scale of your digitization makes your business exponentially more vulnerable, and as the sophistication and multiplicity of possible angles of attack grow, strategies focused on perimeter protection are no longer likely to work. Introducing new cyber security tools becomes both expensive and cumbersome to manage and don’t show a direct, quantified link to risk reduction.

Our world-class team of cyber resiliency and business process experts go beyond traditional cyber security to bring you the latest approaches that focus on protecting the mission-critical assets that drive your operations, and are far more thoughtful on how you create value, what your risks are, and how best to manage them.

Partners in Performance America conducts diagnostics to determine the current resiliency of your organization and its footprint in cyberspace. At the end of the diagnostic, our team and yours have a tailored, value-informed way ahead to improve your operational resiliency, efficiency, and effectiveness.


  • understand the value of your business, your mission critical assets, and their associated risks and associated opportunities
  • perform a custom mix of technical and operational assessments that show where gaps and overlaps exist within your personnel, processes, and technology
  • include expert analysis on current and future threats to your specific organization and intellectual property, not just a broad look at your market vertical – we understand threat
  • map your physical and logical footprint
  • are an advocate, protecting your interests as you navigate the world of vendors pushing the latest panacea

We work across:

  • Critical infrastructure and assets
    • Hospitals
    • Universities
    • Utility networks
    • Financial networks
    • Other
  • Governments
    • Local
    • State
    • Federal
  • Other commercial