Technology is just another tool to improve your business and realize your strategy. Like all other tools, selecting the right tool for the job delivers improved performance and higher return on investment. To navigate through the hype and stay grounded to deliver real sustainable improvements using digital, PIP uses a rigorous process to identify the most value-adding solutions for your business and define your digital roadmap, so your organization is not distracted by shiny new technology.

One of the common mistakes companies make is considering digital strategy separately from their broader business strategy rather than considering digital as a tool to deliver their objectives. To help you realize your digital strategy,

We will:

  • help your organization develop the internal processes to adopt and sustain the value from digital tools and systems
  • develop value driver trees to articulate how the organization currently creates value and matches digital solutions to those drivers
  • understand your current digital situation and what is and isn’t working. We will assess the alignment between digital initiatives and existing organizational capabilities
  • create an accurate evaluation of the current state to identify what’s really required to get the organization to its desired state, including gaps in the “wiring” of the organization to integrate digital tools
  • aggregate the existing digital ideas in your organization and prioritize these based on realistic value creation
  • evaluate and map the shortlisted set of digital ideas to agreed time horizons based on organisational capabilities, technology progression, inter-dependencies, and milestones required to achieve the organizational digital vision