by Dawn Dunkerley
Contributing Editor

Cybersecurity: A guide for parents to keep kids safe online – ZDNet Security

Being a parent can be a rewarding but stressful endeavor, and in today’s networked world, it is not just physical risks to children that have to be considered in modern parenting strategies.

Editor’s note: A great reminder that good cyber hygiene begins at home. 


Mandatory IoT Security in the Offing with U.K. Proposal – Threatpost

The new U.K. law mandates that manufacturers apply several security controls to their connected devices. The U.K. government has unveiled a proposed law aimed at securing internet of things (IoT) devices, which have historically been riddled with basic security issues.

Editor’s note: Great to see the U.K. making moves to hold manufacturers more accountable for ensuring their products are built and maintained more securely. While proper implementation is certainly important, less vulnerable IoT is the foundation.


N.Y. Could Ban Cities from Paying Ransomware Attackers – Threatpost

State senators have issued proposals they say would encourage municipalities to upgrade their cyber-postures. New York State may soon ban municipalities from paying ransomware demands in the event of a

Editor’s Note: Definitely a controversial move here, as the views on paying ransomware attackers varies wildly. The one thing we can all agree on is the increased funding alongside to upgrade the security posture of municipalities with populations under a million.


Rossen Reports: Hackers taking advantage of public phone chargers – WESH Orlando

Law enforcement officials are issuing a new warning about public phone charging stations, which many people use at the airport. Hackers have figured out a way to hide malware that can be used to extract information from phones connected to those chargers, experts say.

Editor’s Note: The future is now! As someone who travels a good bit, I’ve been closely tracking the possibility of hackers exploiting the ubiquitous USB ports present in hotels, airports, and some airplanes, and it appears that it’s finally here. I always travel with at least one external battery and avoid using any USB ports.


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