6 December 2019

MG (ret) Patricia Frost delivered the opening remarks for the Cyber Trainsitions Conference “Integrating Women and Underrepresented Communities into the Cyber Workface” hosted by the University of Central Florida in Orlando, Florida.  MG Frost’s presentation was titled “Saluting Women in Technology and Growing the Workforce of the Future.” She began the presentation by providing an overview of the accomplished women of the 19thand 20th centuries who were not only the early pioneers of computer programming but who were also critical to the success of the early NASA space missions.  She then discussed both basic and innovative ways to increase participation of women and minorities not only in the cyber and technology workforce, but all STEM careers. The Q&A session discussed the imperative of making critical investments in K-12 STEM education for underrepresented groups; and the need for female/minority leaders in the workforce to both mentor and sponsor underrepresented groups.