10 Jan 2019:

Patricia getting small gift of appreciation from Nancy Zimmerman, Director of Member Engagement and Industry Alliances for NJEdge

MG (retired) Patricia Frost was the featured breakfast plenary speaker on 10 January 2019 at EdgeCon 2019. Her remarks focused on the importance of the Human Firewall: Hardening thee Soft Underbelly of any organization.  She focused heavily on the Human Firewall and the importance of education and training across the workforce- from the shop floor to the C-suite. She noted that organizations cannot decrease their attack surface if they do not allocate time and resources to their first line of defense-every employee is a Cyber Defender.

EdgeCon, whose theme this year was Digital Transformation: From Strategy to Practice, is NJEdge’s Annual Conference dedicated to advancing the practice of digital transformation in education, government, and healthcare.  Over 300 educators, technology professionals, government leaders, management decision-makers, and C-level executives come together each year for this high-impact time of engagement, networking and sharing best practices advancing secure services, operations, and user experiences.  

Dawn leading ” Operationalizing the Human Firewall” workshop

Dr. Dawn Dunkerley and Patricia Frost hosted the follow-on workshop the afternoon of 10 January which expanded on the Human Firewall concept.   Dawn led the hour-long workshop titled “Operationalizing the Human Firewall.” Dawn provided the premise that the effectiveness of information security programs was limited by the humans interacting with them; and that the human has the potential to make or break the organization’s cybersecurity program.  She provided a deep dive into the three major groups that can be the building blocks of your “Human Firewall” and offered strategies for defining and measuring progress.  The workshop concluded with a fun, practical exercise for the attendees.