by Dr. Dawn Dunkerley

As cyber events continue to occur globally and at an alarmingly increasing rate, many organizations are investing more time and effort towards mitigating their cyber risk. However, many of these organizations continue to suffer the negative effects of cyber events and wonder why the expensive technical solutions they put in place didn’t protect them. The simple reason is because technical solutions, while important, do not mean that the organization is “wired” for cyber security success.

Simply put, wiring is the glue that holds an organization together, it is the combination of the organization’s management systems, processes, staff, competencies, disciplines, and the behaviors managers do and don’t accept. Wiring influences how an organization will behave, and therefore, how it will perform. How your organization is wired will affect everything including the time it takes for a negative cyber event to be discovered, the steps that are in place to reduce the damage that cyber event wreaks, and how people are held accountable.

Over the following series of posts, we will discuss how well-performing (and not-so-well performing) organizations are wired for cyber security success, and how changing organizational management systems can transform a cyber security culture, behaviors, and performance for the digital era. Stick around to hear more about:

  • Why the “why” is so important to your success
  • Why no one is coming to save you
  • How the skill and will of your workforce can save you money
  • Why visible leadership is more valuable than any technological solution